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Updated:  Sunday | January 25, 2015  

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USPS seeks to overturn OSHA citation, penalties in heat-related death of Missouri letter carrier - USPS is asking a federal court to review and set aside the final order of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC)  Comments (Count)


USPS Re-Issues Policy on Oakland Postal Employees Calling 911 in Emergency

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit had confirmed that the policy at the Oakland distribution facility does in fact dictate that in the event of a medical emergency, an employee must find a supervisor, who must contact the postal police and ask them to call 911.  Comments (Count)


USPS explanation of the Network Rationalization Service Standard Impacts . Video: USPS to Begin Cuts in Service Monday  Comments (Count)
USPS closing bulk of plants starting in April 2015, postal employees retiring on VER in January - USPS changed dates for nearly all plants scheduled for closure in 2015. There are no plants closing in January. The plants that were closing in January 2015 were changed for April 2015 or later in the year. USPS is also changing the 24-hour operations clock in January 2015.  Comments (Count)

USPS moving ahead with plans to consolidate up to 82 mail processing facilities in 2015 -  This week the Postal Service said they will move ahead in 2015 with the next phase of its plan to consolidate up to 82 of its mail processing facilities. 2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated December 12, 2014 Comments (Count)


USPS 911 Policy may have caused critical delays in death of Oakland Postal Worker - (Oakland, CA) No one saw how postal ckerj, was injured but coworkers later said they found him lying on his back, barely conscious.   Comments (Count)
Senator Sanders: New PMG pursued damaging proposals to cut services and eliminate jobs - “Despite increased revenues and some very positive trends, Postal Service management seems hell-bent on slowing down mail delivery    Comments (Count)

USPS OIG: Security clearances for postal contract drivers - 31% of postal contract drivers did not always have a valid security clearance  Comments (Count)

Carper Questions Brennan’s Appointment as Postmaster General

ISen. Tom Carper (D-DE)  questioned the choice of Postal Service COO Megan Brennan as Donahoe’s successor. Carper: If USPS Board of Governors nominees not confirmed soon=No quorum=No postal business  Comments (Count)


USPS Q & A on cyber intrusion and employee data compromise -Why were employees not told of the breach immediately after it was discovered? Comments (Count)


Famous Postal Workers- includes former heavyweight champion and Olympian

Blue Wheels: Life of a City Carrier Assistant (CCA)

Blue Wheels: Life of a City Carrier Assistant (CCA) .  Comments (Count)



Former Maryland Postal Employee sentenced for stealing over 20,000 pieces of mail - Letter carrier also stole USPS property along with passports, credit cards, gift cards, jewelry and much more.   (1/24/15) Comments (Count)

2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated January 23, 2015

List of postal facilities that have completed mail moves and consolidations.  There are date changes for de-activation of some facilities.   (1/23/15) Comments (Count)

The Postal Service Emerges as Shipping Powerhouse for Small Businesses 

The other week I was reading an article about how shipping carriers fared over the holidays. FedEx and United Parcel Service were mentioned, but noticeably absent was the U.S. Postal Service.   (1/22/15) Comments (Count)

Americans spend $103 billion a year on predatory lenders. Postal banking could change that - Nearly 17 million American adults live in households where no one has a checking account; more than 50 million more have a checking account, but also have to rely on things like payday lenders  (1/22/15) Comments (Count)
NAPUS, LEAGUE OF POSTMASTERS PROPOSED CONSOLIDATION MOVES FORWARD - The proposed consolidation of NAPUS and the League of Postmasters has progressed to written submission for the new organization with a new name. (1/23/15)

PMG Donahoe's farewell reflects on the past — and looks to the future

In his final State of the Business video, PMG Pat Donahoe praises employees for their performance during the holidays and thanks them for their dedication. 1/22/15) Comments (Count)

Peals of laughter: USPS runs rings around The Onion

Who says the Postal Service doesn’t have a sense of humor?  1/22/15) Comments (Count)

Infographic: The USPS Long Life Vehicle

Considering the amount of wear and tear these trucks endure, the LLV really is an amazing testament to the durability of American engineering. USPS seeking suppliers for Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) The purpose of this RFI is to inform prospective suppliers on the USPS’s preliminary/draft specifications and plans for acquisition of NGDV fleet replacements (1/20/15) Comments (Count)

2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated January 20, 2015

USPS Network Rationalization Consolidation Phase II-2015. List of postal facilities that have completed mail moves and consolidations. (1/20/15)

USPS testing next generation mailbox

The Postal Service is testing new, larger mailbox designs that can handle more than 70 percent of the packages sent through the mail. (1/20/15) Comments (Count)

Postal Unions, Allies Launch ‘Campaign for Postal Banking’

A coalition of consumer organizations, financial reform groups, faith-based organizations and workers’ representatives – including the APWU and the other postal unions – announced the formation of the Campaign for Postal Banking on Jan. 19. The coalition is calling on the U.S. Postal Service to expand access to affordable financial services. (1/19/15) Comments (Count)

USPS seeking supplier to provide Parcel Dimensional Scanner (PDS)

USPS is pursuing an initiative to identity revenue discrepancies for shortpaid and underpaid packages.(1/19/15) Comments (Count)

Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes legislation for a two year moratorium on Postal Service cuts - U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) yesterday proposed legislation to impose a two-year moratorium on U.S. Postal Service plans to eliminate up to 15,000 decent-paying jobs, close more mail-sorting plants and end overnight delivery of first-class mail and periodicals. (1/17/15) Comments (Count)

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January 25,  2015

UPS Prepared Too Well for Holiday Rush and Paid the Price


January 24,  2015

Armed robbery reported at Taylor Ridge, IL Post Office

Paris, TX Postal Truck Lost in Fire

The USPS claims the historic Berkeley Post Office is no longer for sale

USPS considers raising international rates

North East mail carrier honored for aiding sick man


January 23,  2015

Postal Service 1st quarter financial results release date announced

USPS Board of Governors Temporary Emergency Committee to meet Feb. 6

Elk Grove, CA cluster mailbox break-ins on upswing

Hashknife Pony Express keeps history alive with mail delivery

Postal Service sues to create new product for DVD mailings

Postal worker arrested for stockpiling mail at girlfriend’s home

NALC and USPS settle case over maximization

USPS: Grateful Dead shows mail is alive

New Jersey motorist blinded by sun crashes into LLV injuring letter carrier

Army Vet mailing Christmas money to son in Air Force claims postal worker stole $150

Postal worker receives surprise retirement party from tenants


January 22,  2015

Carrollton man steamed after USPS carrier throws package

Benton, KS post office remains closed for safety concerns

"Gone With the Mail?" Postal Museum Readies Mail Industry Saga

USPS ditches local overnight letter delivery, considers closing Rock Springs processing plant

Former postal worker pleads guilty to stealing VA medicine packages

USPS: It all adds up – Unused sick leave helps CSRS and FERS retirees

NALC: House and Senate lawmakers introduce pay-increase legislation

Postal Worker to Compete on Survivor TV Show

What the Latest USPS Rate Hike Means for Magazines

Tireless Sleepy Eye Postal Workers Retiring

New mailbox has Hibbing residents going postal

Snow nor rain nor biting dogs prevent 50 year celebration for letter carrier

Mail Carrier Attacked by Youths in Springfield, MA

San Diego post office robbed

Severe Weather Affects Some Texas Mail Deliveries

Wisconsin postal worker pleads not guilty to dumping campaign mail

NY Town's Property Tax Bills Get Lost in the Mail

Iowa postal worker expected to plead guilty


January 21,  2015

USPS revises Rehabilitation Program- Handbook EL-505, Injury Compensation

Ex-postal worker ‘got lazy,’ failed to deliver 1,000 pieces of mail

New sick leave plan may spotlight fed benefits

Brooklyn residents get mail delivery back

Mail theft causes more serious crimes, including identity theft

J.C. Penney is resurrecting its ‘Big Book’ mail order catalog


January 20,  2015

Local-to-local mail delivery now takes two days instead of one

Monhegan postal service is more than mail, islanders say

2015 Proposed Postal Price Increases

Brace yourselves: Congress preps civil service reform

Video: Thieves waiting for packages left on your doorstep

The Way We Were…and Are Not

Disabled Seymour resident petitions for post office access

Familiar White Postal Service Trucks Too Small For Increasing Amount Of Parcels Being Mailed

Woman admitted stealing money from Coffeeville, AL post office

USPS has cut short an agency review it was conducting for wide-ranging strategic communications assistance


January 19,  2015

Not so distressed at the Postal Service - Timothy O’Malley, Executive VP for the NALC

US Postal Service asks for nearly maximum rate increase possible for periodicals

Deciding the future of the US Postal Service


January 18,  2015

Postal Service withholds information about Tacoma mail carrier charged with assault, harassment


January 17,  2015

Senator Feinstein's Husband Stands To Profit From USPS Real Estate Deals

A love letter: The U.S. Postal Service delivers under tough conditions

Mail just got slower; here's how it matters


January 16,  2015

USPS updates notifications to APWU and Mail Handlers on involuntary reassignments in 2015 - USPS has updated notifications to APWU and NPMHU of its intent to involuntarily reassign Clerks, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) and Mail Handlers in the Pacific Area  Comments (Count)


PMG Donahoe: ‘Stop Staples’ Campaign is Taking a Toll

Outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe made headlines when he blamed postal unions and big mailers for the Postal Service’s problems in a recent farewell address, but he made a few other surprising comments as well.  Comments (Count)


USPS Employee Resource Management VP Fernandez to retire

Employee Resource Management VP Fernandez to complete 37-year career


Coalition looking to spread awareness of Postal Service consolidations

Former Postal Employee Indicted on Identity Theft, Fraud Charges

USPS More Forthcoming, but Post Office's Future Still Up in the Air

Rolando Responds to 'Fixing The Post Office' Opinion Column

Kansas postal worker indicted for theft of mail


January 15,  2015

USPS Raising Rates, Imposing New FSS Rules, And Perhaps Inviting a Legal Challenge - Deadtree Edition Only the Postal Service's Board of Governors can file for a rate change, but Congress has failed to fill so many positions on the board that it no longer has a quorum. Until more governors are approved, a Temporary Emergency Committee of the remaining governors is acting in place of the board. A legal challenge to the emergency committee's authority to raise rates might delay implementation, if not block them altogether. It would be a sweet irony if the inaction of Congress -- where a majority of members seem OK with jacking up the postage paid by business mailers -- blocked USPS from rate increases that would fall disproportionately on business and institutional mailers.

USPS files request with PRC to increase prices for Mailing Services products

USPS filed notice Jan. 15 with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of a price increase for Mailing Services products based upon Consumer Price Index (CPI) cap authority. Postal Service Files Market Dominant Price Change - Proposes an Additional $0.9 Billion in Annualized Contributions  Comments (Count)


Issa’s portrait to be replaced with photos of postal workers

House committee rooms are typically adorned with portraits of former chairmen. But former Oversig ht Chairman Darrell Issa’s portrait will be stashed away in a conference room, away from public view.  Comments (Count)


President Obama Updates Federal Leave Policies for Childbirth, Adoption and Foster care - Obama’s Memorandum is “bringing the federal government’s paid leave policies closer in line with those of industry-leading companies” that will ensure that “most federal employees have access to at least 6 weeks of paid sick leave when a new child arrives by allowing new parents to advance sick leave. Comments (Count)


Postal Service change leaves some Portland boxes empty

Washington Postmaster retires after 34 years

Shots Fired at Little Rock Postal Worker, 16-Year-Old Arrested

Congressman Nolan: Stop Consolidation of Mail Processing Center in Duluth

Mail carrier charged in political flier dumping

Residents Of Brooklyn Building Upset Fuming After Change Of Address Leaves Them With No Mail

New oversight chairman's first act?: Removing Issa's portrait

Postal Inspection Service Offering Reward For Information In Indiana Post Office Burglary





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