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McConnell EEO Class Action case challenging USPS NRP still in limbo - Don’t expect for McConnell…et al  vs USPS to be settled anytime soon  Comments (Count)



NRLCA membership approves new 3-year contract with USPS

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) membership has ratified a new three-year labor contract with the Postal Service. .  Comments (Count)


USPS: Shirley Temple Becomes the 20th Inductee in the Legends of Hollywood Stamp Series



USPS, NRLCA reach tentative 3-year agreement

USPS and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) have reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year labor contract.   Comments (Count)



Postal Supervisors at Pennsylvania USPS facility exchange blows after name-calling - Postal Supervisors come to blows after name-calling, cops say Two U.S. Postal Service supervisors exchanged blows at Allentown, PA facility   Comments (Count)


Mail Carrier attacked by woman, dog

Surveillance video shows a woman and her dog both attacking a postal worker who authorities say was trying to get a parcel accidentally delivered to the woman’s home. New Mexico man charged with striking letter carrier in head with brick  Comments (Count)


25 postal trucks parade past home of NY teen battling cancer

The United State’s Postal Service delivered a dream come true to one of its biggest fans Tuesday morning. Matthew's dream is to be a mailman


Charges dropped against Brooklyn mailman for not delivering 40,000 pieces of mail

Federal prosecutors have dropped criminal charges against Brooklyn, New York  postal worker who was arrested in [2014] after investigators found 2,500 pounds [40,000 pieces] of mail stashed in his home and car.  Comments (Count)



Co-Workers defend Postal Worker indicted on assaulting USPS supervisor

Some postal workers spent Tuesday defending Martin and decrying what they call bad management at the United States Postal Service Office in Downtown Memphis. Video: USPS supervisor attacked; worker found, arrested for assault  Comments (Count)


Updated:  Thursday | May 5, 2016  


OSHA proposes $120,000 in penalties for USPS workers continued exposure to equipment hazards at Virginia mail center  - OSHA opened an inspection on Oct. 27, 2015, after a complaint alleged hazards involving power industrial equipment at the facility. Inspectors issued citations after they found several repeatt violations  (5/04/16) Comments (Count)

Video: Women Wearing Postal Uniforms Part of Clever Identity Theft Scheme

the women making huge purchases, authorities say, are pulling an incredible ruse that’s already damaged hundreds of lives across South Florida.(5/05/16) Comments (Count)

Postal Inspectors Arrest Woman for Allegedly Pepper Spraying California Mail Carrier

Postal Inspectors this morning arrested a Monrovia woman on federal charges of assaulting a mail carrier, who allegedly was subjected to racial epithets and then pepper sprayed in the face.  (5/04/16) Comments (Count)

NAPUS Call for Post Office Hour Reduction Moratorium Justified by Recent GAO Report

Over the past 18 months, NAPUS has raised concerns about the lack of data to indicate the amount of money the U.S. Postal Service saved as a result of reduced post office hours and post office re-classifications. GAO questions USPS cost savings on POStPlan, USPS questions GAO's tone (5/04/16) Comments (Count)

PRC Examines USPS 2015 Performance Goals and 2016 Performance Plan

The Commission’s review finds that the Postal Service FY 2015 Report and FY 2016 Plan failed to meet three of four goals established, and partially met the fourth goal. (5/04/16) Comments (Count)

USPS hires former FBI officer as new Information Technology vice president

Jeffrey C. Johnson has joined USPS as Information Technology vice president,. Johnson previously served as chief technology officer for the FBI (5/03/16) Comments (Count)

USPS seeking nominees for its ‘Engagement Leader of the Year’ Awards

The Postal Service has created an award to honor leaders who are involved, enthusiastic and committed to improving their workplace environments. (5/02/16) Comments (Count)

USPS Study: Direct Mail Plays Critical Role in Reaching Millennial Voters

Contrary to common assumptions about digitally connected millennials, a new joint survey demonstrates that young voters pay close attention to political mail (5/02/16) Comments (Count)

Update: Houston letter carrier still in hospital after being hit by street racers

The victim's son tells abc13 she had to be cut from the wreckage. (5/02/16)


Video: Houston letter carrier in critical condition after being hit by alleged street racers

A postal worker was taken to the hospital Saturday after her mail truck was hit by two drivers allegedly speed racing.  (5/01/16) Comments (Count)

OIG: USPS Cost-Cutting Strategies ‘Not Sustainable’

The Postal Service has cut labor costs by more than $10 billion since the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) was passed in 2006, but its cost-cutting strategies are “not sustainable  (4/29/16) Comments (Count)

USPS ‘Postal Pulse’ Survey Finds Turmoil in Postal Workforce

Survey Says: No Recognition for Good Work; Supervisors Don’t Care for Workers as People; Don’t Feel Job Is Important; Fellow Employees Not Committed to Doing Quality Work. A survey of postal employees conducted last year for the United States Postal Service paints a dire picture of the state of  postal workforce. Survey Says: The USPS Is a Terrible Place to Work ||USPS: Postal Pulse results show positive trends in employees feeling recognized (4/28/16) Comments (Count)

Senator Wyden Calls for National Vote-By-Mail to Fight Back Against New Barriers to Voting

Wyden Introduces National Vote By Mail, Breaks Down Barriers, More time to resolve registration problems, Makes voting more accessible for working & disabled Americans & seniors  (4/28/16) Comments (Count)

Senator Heitcamp Receives Commitment from PMG to Visit North Dakota to get firsthand look at mail problems

Senator Has Heard from Nearly 500 North Dakotans who Filled Out Survey; Senator Invited Brennan to ND to Hear About Challenges Firsthand  (4/28/16) Comments (Count)

USPS Flats Sequencing System (FSS) locations and number of machines

List of the most current FSS locations and Map of 47 FSS Sites and Number of Machines  (4/27/16) Comments (Count)







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May 5,  2016


Georgia man awarded $5.7 million in crash suit involving postal worker

Man Narrowly Avoids Awning Collapse At La Mirada, CA Post Office

OIG: Should the Postal Service Have Fewer Leased Trailers?

USPS touts supply chain diversity as secret to customer service

USPS touts supply chain diversity as secret to customer service


May 4,  2016

Ex-postal worker in Suffolk gets 13 months for $157,000 in workers' comp fraud

Post man says farewell after 30 years on the job

Cobb County couple: Is the post office forging signatures?

Another rash of mailbox thefts in a northwest Bakersfield

Postal Service puts in extra effort to find flying monkeys

Audio: 'Neither Snow Nor Rain' Celebrates History Of U.S. Postal Service


May 3,  2016

NY Postmaster Relief charged with stealing nearly $20,000

APWU: Corrections Continue on $56 Million Settlement

New Jersey Letter Carrier Pleads Guilty In Scheme To Steal And Cash Hundreds Of Postal Money Orders

North Carolina post office under investigation for alleged employee theft

Australia Post to charge customers up to $9 fee for uncollected parcels


May 2,  2016

TSP Funds Grow for Second Month in a Row

Ex-postal worker fraudulently received $157,000 in workers comp after claiming off-duty injury was on the job

ACORN Canada and CUPW Come Together to Replace Predatory Lending with Postal Banking

Should We Bring Back The Postal Banking System?

Arrest made in death of retired postal worker in Gulfport

USPS OIG: Scanning the Horizon

Video: Mail Truck on Fire in Massachusetts

Residents demand speeding crackdown after drag racers hit postal truck


May 1,  2016

Postal truck flips on side after getting rear-ended in Highgate VT

Modesto mail carrier thwarts rock-throwing thief, saves wedding

Mail delivery suspended after pit bulls bite mailman

Woman arrested for using counterfeit mailbox key

Sinkhole punctures Indiana post office parking lot


April 30,  2016

'New Yorker' gets a lot of things wrong about the USPS

How Will the Presidential Election Affect Mail?

Postal Views Podcast #39 (USPS Neighborhood Hunger)


April 29,  2016

UPS boosts last-mile deliveries instead of paying USPS as earnings rise

United Parcel Service Inc. reported 10% growth in quarterly income, helped by efforts to boost efficiency and lessen its costs delivering online orders to U.S. homes.   Comments (Count)


Video: Cape Coral FL businesses tell post office: End late deliveries!

Post office pulls off Tax Day miracle for Buffalo Grove woman

Three Connecticut Residents Charged with Cashing over $300,000 in Stolen Postal Money Orders

Postal workers forced to find parking

NJ Letter Carrier Admits Role In Stealing over $400,000 in Tax Refund Checks

A Day in the Life of a Postal Worker

Amazon Stock Soars With Latest Earnings Report


April 28,  2016

Finland’s Mail Carriers To Start Mowing Lawns, Deliver Meals, home services

Some of Finland’s mail carriers will begin to mow residents’ lawns on a weekly basis starting on May 17th as a way to compensate for a declining demand for postal services   Comments (Count)


Former Illinois letter carrier pleads guilty to mail theft

NALC CCA Resource Guide Now Available Online

South Orange Calls Meeting with USPS Over Residents’ Complaint

Sleepy Eye Mail Carrier Promoted to Postmaster in Springfield

Royal Mail may ban deliveries over mail snatching cat


April 27,  2016

Thinking about the future of the post office: An interview with USPS Amanda Weaver

An interview with Amanda Weaver, Market Research Analyst at USPS OIG, Risk Analysis Research Center by Melody Kramer April 26, 2016 Imagine receiving a text message every time a new letter was placed in your mailbox, or your city receiving a notification when there was a new pothole in your neighborhood   Comments (Count)



Come on Down ! North Carolina letter carrier to appear on Price is Right  today

Some parts of Tuesday, Feb. 2 are still a little blurry for letter carrier, and people can see for themselves the reason why on Thursday, April 28.The Zebulon. NC resident was scheduled to be in Los Angeles for a church conference that week in February, so he did what many people dream of doing and registered for tickets to the CBS game show “The Price is Right.” Fast-forward a few months, and life mostly carries on as normal for Phillips – except for the part about him expecting to receive any day now the five prizes plus cash he won while making it as a finalist on the popular television game show. 


GOP Congressman requests USPS OIG to intervene in Nebraska mail problems

A constituent told me he had received the invitation to the meeting that same day. Although the invitation had been sent in a timely manner, most people in the community saw it when they returned home from work—after the event. I found the whole thing quite embarrassing.   Comments (Count)


'Neither Snow nor Rain' showcases colorful history of US Postal Service

Four Ways the USPS Thinks it Could Redefine its Diminishing Role in Your Life

Family Blames USPS Truck for Causing Crash

Drunk mail carrier crashes into sign, registers nearly .30 BAC 

Karpenko, Penner receive appointments in USPS Market and Sales

Senate Committee Approves Jeffrey Rosen nomination to USPS Board, Carper Urges Action by Full Senate

Post Office to Teton park: Your stamp isn't in the mail

Post office mural stands the test of time

Berkeley: Activists celebrate legacy of 17-month post office occupation


April 26,  2016

USPS Recognized as 2016 Top Federal Agency for Supplier Diversity

USPS Can’t Be Sued Over Delayed Wedding Invitations, Judge Says

Video: Man Admits To Blowing Up Mailbox With Pipe Bomb To Impress Girlfriend
Postal Service to Hold Job Fair in Sioux Falls


April 25,  2016

USPS: Ambassadors to train postal managers across nation to help improve workplace environments

The Postal Service is committed to changing its culture,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams. “The ambassadors will help us improve our organization, one workplace at a time.”   Comments (Count)


Queens: Cops arraigned in beating of postal worker

USPS, VA Shuffle Chairs of IT Executives

Man accused of 'going postal' at Taunton MA post office

NYPD cop charged in postal worker beating was sued for allegedly whacking man with baton


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