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PMG Potter Names New Chief Postal Inspector And Finance VP


Arbitrator Reassigns Postal Supervisor For Violating Workplace Violence Policy


NALC Branch VP: Limited Duty Carriers Suffer The Ultimate Harm


Gamefly Accuses USPS Of Preferential Treatment For Netflix and Blockbuster


USPS Seeks Suppliers For Electric Vehicle Conversion of LLVs


USPS Seeking Contractor To Create New ID Cards For Postal Employees


USPS Cancels Associate Supervisor Program


San Francisco Passes First ‘Do Not Mail’ Resolution in Nation


Oakland APWU Urges Congress To Investigate The Postal Service


PMG Potter Says Reducing Delivery From Six to Five Days Could Save USPS $3.5 Billion Annually


USPS Closing Six Districts, Eliminating 1,400 EAS Positions And Offering Early Retirement


USPS To ‘Outsource’ Change-of-Address Program?


Postmaster Setting Unrealistic Expectations May Serve As Grounds To File EEO Complaint


USPS OIG’S Review Of Postal Managers Unnecessary Purchases


Statement of NALC President On Compliance with National Agreement - Let Let me make the following clear to one and all, including Postal Service management at headquarters and in the field, and all letter carriers, at every level in the union and in every post office: No one, at any level, has any authority to amend or violate the national contract, period. PMG Potter memo on honoring contract (PDF). It is up to each one of us to make sure that the changes we bring to the organization are changes for the better,” Potter recently wrote. Respecting and protecting the provisions of the collective-bargaining agreements will help us to do that |


NALC: There Are No Plans To Eliminate Six-Day Delivery


USPS: Declining Mail Volume Leads to Route Adjustments


Report: Employment of Veterans in the U.S.  Postal Service - FY 2007


PRC Annual Report: Postal Execs Compensation


USPS Says It Needs To Eliminate 9,200 City Carrier Routes in FY 2009


Postmaster, Supervisor Groups Reject Pay Freeze (PDF)


Tight Times Strain Postmasters


USPS, APWU Reach Tentative Agreement On Four-Day Workweeks


USPS Wants Commercial Outdoor Advertising On Its Property


USPS to Implement Two Tour Initiative Nationwide


Re: Postal Employees Ordered to Stop Offering First-Class Mail


PMG Urges Leaders of Employee Organizations To Work With USPS


Flashback: Postal 1992 VER Cost $1.01 Billion


USPS To Launch Nationwide Program To Track Revenue Performance Of Window Clerks


Postmaster General Cautions of Perfect Economic Storm


Connecticut Congressman Presses Postal Service for Answers Regarding Meriden Route Changes


Appeals Court Upholds Firing Of Postal Carrier For Unsafe Driving  


GAO: New Delivery Performance Measures Could Enhance Postal Managers’ Pay for Performance Program


Postal Manager Demoted Over Violation of NALC Contract?


Postal Worker's Self-Defense Claim Can't Save Job


NAPS Challenges USPS Network Plan, Questions USPS Outsourcing


USPS Posts $1.1 Billion Loss For Third Quarter


House Passes FERS Sick Leave Legislation


GAO: Data Needed to Assess the Effectiveness of USPS Outsourcing |  Watchdogs question US Post Office outsourcing system


USPS Names Two Postal Execs To New VP Slots


USPS Releases Details Of Voluntary Early Retirement Offer


Burrus: Employees Would Be Best Served by Postponing Early-Out Decisions


NALC: Young Urges Congress to Reject Study for 5-Day Delivery


USPS Early Out Offer Excludes ETs - No Cash Incentives


PMG Potter Announces Reorganization At USPS Headquarters


House Committee Approves Study On Ending Saturday Mail Delivery


EEOC: Postal Worker Was Not Provided Smoke-Free Vehicle


ASFM-100 Work Awarded Back to Clerk Craft at Trenton P&DC


Court of Appeals Keeps Alive 14-Year-Old Lawsuit Against NALC


Postal Service Selects First-Ever Vice President of Sustainability


Video: Postal Workers Protest Terrorism On The Job


EEOC Rules USPS Must Process Class Action Complaint For Rehab Postal Employees


OPM Submits Proposal To Create Short-Term Disability Insurance Program


To Err Is Not Human for Demoted Postal Supervisor


USPS Resolves Dispute With Unions Over Computer Security Rules


USPS Selects Former Halliburton Executive As New CIO


Big Pay Increases Approved For Top Postal Service Officers


USPS Retail Cost Cutting (PDF)


 click here to read the award (PDF)   | A Short Comparison of USPS Contracts With APWU, NPMHU, NALC and NRLCA  |


Flat Sequencing System (FSS) Strategy





October 30, 2009

Georgia Postmaster ordered to leave office under criminal investigation Allegations involve violating the Privacy Act - Jerry Schafer, who was in charge of all postal operations in the city, since has sought to retire voluntarily, but that retirement would not preclude charges being brought against him later, said Sam Montalvo, a public information officer for the postal service’s Office of Inspector General. Montalvo described the alleged criminal matter as “misuse of postal government information, which is a violation of the Privacy Act.”  |


The Reinterpretation of William Burrus

Many postal workers have jumped to the defense of APWU president William Burrus as a result of my article, Mathematically Challenged: Burrus Proposal Doesn’t Add Up for USPS. But if many of these defenders are correct, they should be angry at Burrus for garbling the message and distracting people from the real issue.   |


E-mail to save snail mail?

Wyandanch post office robbed at gunpoint

Grade Your Government: USPS

Mailman pleads not guilty to killing jogger

USPS Petitions Against Local Rent Increase

Ukiah postmaster wrapping up 35-year career

Mail carrier wouldn’t pick up ballots
Postal carrier made change that kept mail from Chesapeake couple

MS: Fondren post office boxes burglarized
Arrest made in robbery of St. Louis letter carrier


October 29, 2009

Retiring Postal Employee Pulls Gun on Postmaster

The main post office in Albany was shut down Thursday afternoon when a retiring employee pulled a gun on his boss. "We are locked down," said a Postal Service employee. "We had an emergency and we are locked down." Just after 12:30, a 52-year-old man, who's about to retire, confronted postmaster Ron Bradley in the back parking lot of the post office. Bradley was in his car and told police the mail handler pulled a gun on himUpdated: Postal worker pulls gun on Postmaster  |


APWU: Postal Service Relies on Incomplete Data, Discriminates Against Underserved Communities -An analysis of the postal stations and branches being considered for closure shows that the USPS study process “discriminates against communities with high percentages of low-income, minority and transit-dependent residents,” according to recent testimony submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) by the APWU. In addition, the union asserts, the Postal Service uses incomplete data to support its conclusions. |


Victory! FERS Sick-Leave Credit Becomes Law

President Obama signed legislation Oct. 28 that will allow postal and federal workers who retire under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) to receive credit for sick leave when they retire. |

Rap Song: I'm The Mailman

From PostalReporter reader: "Two yrs. ago I wrote a rap song called I'm the mailman. Well last year I finally recorded it and has performed at our annual holiday party, our state convention, and at a picnic/rally for Chicago's local #11 union this pass summer. It's a great song and I think everyone that visit this site will like it."  |


Roof collapses at Connecticut PO
NJ Senator wants answers from PMG on Philadelphia L&DC closing
Irrational Pricing at the Postal Service

Police: Suspect Shot at Mailman

Mailman wins $50,000 on 'Millionaire'

Mail carrier charged with delay and destruction of mail
Two postal workers plead guilty in thefts

October 28, 2009

Congress Must Fix Funding Requirement; USPS Must Expand Goals, Burrus Says - In a follow-up to testimony before a Senate subcommittee, APWU President William Burrus explored alternatives to station-and-branch closures, facility consolidations, and five-day mail delivery — which the Postal Service is proposing in reaction to a severe financial crisis. Burrus urged lawmakers to encourage the USPS to expand its goals. The Postal Service’s financial difficulties are caused by three major factors, Burrus wrote [PDF] Oct 23: the requirement to pre-fund retiree healthcare costs; the nation’s economic crisis, and excessive workshare discounts.  |Comments (49)


Drew Aliperto Named As New Pacific Area VP

Postmaster General Jack Potter has announced the selection of Drew Aliperto as vice president, Area Operations, for the Pacific Area. He replaces Michael Daley, who will retire next month after a 37-year career with the Postal Service.  |Comments (63)


APWU Urges Locals to File OSHA Complaints Over Electrical Hazards

Why doesn't the USPS want a price increase in 2010?


October 27, 2009

St. Louis: Postal Carrier Robbed at Gunpoint


October 26, 2009

Congress in no rush to cut mail delivery

Despite the U.S. Postal Service's persistent financial distress, Congress appears unlikely this year to approve the postmaster general's cost-cutting proposal to eliminate Saturday mail delivery. Postmaster General John Potter, who proposed five-day delivery in January, contends that ending Saturday delivery could save his agency up to $3.5 billion annually. But a concurrent estimate by the Postal Regulatory Commission put projected savings at $1.9 billion.  |Comments (81)


USPS ‘Incentive’ Program Results In 19,000 APWU-Craft And 3,000 Mail Handlers Retirements - Depending on whether they were eligible for early or regular retirement, employees were required to apply for retirement by Sept. 25 or express interest by that date. Some employees can revoke their decisions until the effective date of retirement, so the final tally could be significantly lower than the 19,738 reported by the USPS. |Comments (74)


USPS Policies Threaten Postal Viability
New Heights – Of Absurdity – In Rate Setting - I
n 2010, the APWU will return to the bargaining table to determine future wages, benefits and working conditions. It is expected to be a contentious round of negotiations, with postal management attempting to recover from the massive deficits experienced over recent years. Much of the revenue loss could have been avoided through proper rate-setting, but it is anticipated that instead of facing their mailing partners, management will turn to the employees: Those who they praise will be asked for sacrifices so that postal executives can continue to provide subsidized postage to their friends.   |Comments (41)


Update: Only 18,000 of 30,000 take USPS buyout

This early retirement offer was the most successful yet of four made by the Postal Service in the past 18 months, with a response rate of 6.6 percent. Few employees accepted previous offers: The last offer, which was extended to 147,937 employees in June, was accepted by just 2,505 employees — less than 2 percent. The previous offer, which concluded in February, was accepted by 2.3 percent of eligible employees. Yoerger, the postal spokeswoman, said the agency is hoping to eliminate 93 million work hours this year, the equivalent of 53,000 full-time employees.  |Comments (104)


USPS Renames Mystery Shopper Program

USPS has decided to refocus its Mystery Shopper program to improve desired employee behavior and influence customer loyalty and brand recognition. “To better align with the program’s objectives and feedback from the field, the Mystery Shopper Program will become the Retail Customer Experience”, said Dean Granholm, vice president, Delivery and Post Office Operations.  |Comments (54)


USPS seeks change in financial reporting rules

The Postal Regulatory Commission's decision will determine whether the Postal Service has to list its 2009 payment to the retiree health benefit fund as $5.4 billion, or $1.4 billion, as intended by the legislation.   |Comments (11)



Grand Forks mailman accused of drunk driving placed on unpaid leave, could face discipline

Workers Protest Changes At Steubenville Post Office
USPS Working Out Details for Winter Sale
Mail is the workhorse of b-to-b marketing
Non-profits kick off holiday direct mail efforts

Feds On a Winning Streak

Former postal worker appeals federal sentence in embezzlement case

October 25, 2009

California: Postal officials decide to spare American Canyon branch

More questions than answers at postal hearing

North Dakota: Grand Forks mail carrier arrested on DUI charge


October 24, 2009

Congress should preserve postal service
Financial burdens forced upon the postal service and no one else in our nation, public or private, quash any chance of the postal service staying out of red ink in this economy.  |Comments (50)


Postal facility to close, cost 86 jobs

APWU: Unions Protest As Health Insurers Plot to Kill Reform 

Postal worker retires after 40 years

Post Office sees decline in direct mail service


October 23, 2009

Congress Approves FERS Sick-Leave Credit:

"At long last! After a protracted campaign, postal and federal workers who retire under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) will receive credit for sick leave when they retire. The new benefit was included among a number of pay and retirement provisions in a compromise version of the 2010 Defense Authorization bill, which the Senate approved 68-29 on Oct. 22." NPMHU: Victory on FERS Retirement Provision  |


Dealing with postal employee's fear
Steubenville May Lose The Rest Of Its Postal Processing

Did anyone take the USPS buyouts?
Leave With Pay
Casual exception, Penalty OT exclusion periods set

Bangor postmaster gets bail reduction

2,000 Coconuts Mailed to Postmaster General

Former postal worker gets five years probation


October 22, 2009

Mailers Council Calls for Legislative Reform to Avoid Postal Service Insolvency The Mailers Council’s white paper offers these recommendations for addressing the Postal Service’s problems: The Postal Service needs to be allowed to reduce its head count; It must be allowed to close unneeded facilities and consolidate its retail network; The Postal Service needs greater control over compensation.   |


Postal Service CFO Says More Lobbying Needed
The stop-gap legislation signed by President Obama on Sept. 30 reduced the U.S. Postal Service's $5.4 billion health-care retiree payment for fiscal 2009 to $1.4 billion. That's a big help, but the USPS needs permanent change, says Joseph Corbett, its executive vice president and chief financial officer... As far as the proposed five-day mail delivery schedule, Corbett says the groundwork has been laid. Hypothetically, he says, if no permanent structural changes are made regarding prepayment of retirees' health-care benefits, the "spotlight would grow brighter on five-day mail delivery.   |


Lawmakers say Senate health care bill could hit feds with new taxes

Virginia representatives Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran have taken issue with an excise tax included in health care reform legislation crafted by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont. The provision in the bill would levy a 40 percent tax, beginning in 2013, on the overall value of health insurance plans that cost more than $8,000 for individuals and $21,000 for families. Though the tax will be imposed directly on insurers, most analysts believe employers and consumers ultimately will bear the price of the tax, as insurance companies will charge more to make up for the fee. NAPUS: Finance Committee Health Bill Could Hurt Postmasters and Federal Workers   |


Bangor, Pa. postmaster charged with soliciting 3 girls, 2 women for sex, drugs while checking collection boxes - As the Bangor postmaster drove around checking collection boxes Tuesday afternoon, he was also looking for sex and propositioned two women and tried to lure three girls into his car, he allegedly told police. Gregory George Schlegel was charged Tuesday afternoon after the women and girls -- ages 12, 13, and 17 -- reported the incident.  |


Lantana residents send message to PMG Potter - on coconuts

KC woman and son indicted for alleged assault of postal inspector
More Online Retailers Offer Free Shipping
Rethinking the Parcel Market
More Labor Problems at FedEx Ground
USPS OIG Audit Report: Carrier Optimal Routing (COR) System (PDF)

UK postal workers begin two-day national strike


October 21, 2009

Postmasters Say USPS Management Styles Are Like Some Banana Republic Dictators .......districts hounding Postmasters for having the courage to stand up for other Postmasters, districts whose management styles reflect something more in tune with some Banana Republic Dictators than with what should be expected of Public Servants treating their managers with respect, dealing with the threat of a Postal Service turning its back on the American people by wholesale closings of post offices and the constant shifting of workload from hardworking clerks, carriers and supervisors to the backs of Postmasters.    |


Postal Service Goes Mobile

Some of the most popular functions currently available on are now available on cell phones and other mobile devices. The new feature include Track and Confirm, Post Office locator, and the most popular application, ZIP Code. The Postal Service is also designing applications for "smartphones and other mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, Blackberry and iPod Touch which take advantage of additional capabilities such as GPS. lookup.   |


Camby postal carrier competes on 'Millionaire'

Community rallies to save postal branch
Postman Aces Test
Byrd, Rockefeller Defend Post Office
Teen flasher bares it all to letter carrier


October 20, 2009

18,000 Sign Up for Postal Service Buyouts
About 18,000 U.S. Postal Service employees are expected to take $15,000 buyouts to leave their jobs this year - far less than the 30,000 originally projected by the agency. Postal officials say that figure isn't final. Employees were required to sign up for the incentives by Oct. 16, but they can still opt out of the program over the next few weeks. Most employees have until Nov. 30 to opt out - but those close to retirement age, called "optionally eligible" employees, must decide by Oct. 31.   |


APWU: Retirement Incentive Offer Leads to One-Time Exception on Casual Cap In accordance with the agreement to provide a $15,000 incentive to employees who retire or separate, the APWU and the USPS have reached a settlement [PDF] regarding the use of casuals in excess of the limitations outlined in Article 7 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.   |


Appeals Court Upholds Ban On Guns In USPS Parking Lots

the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld the conviction of a postal employee for possessing a gun in his vehicle while parked on a non-public USPS parking lot in violation of a federal regulation. Mr. Doroson had appealed the conviction on the ground that the USPS gun ban violated the Second Amendment. Both open and concealed possession are prohibited, so storage of a weapon on a car parked in a lot that is under the charge and control of the Postal Service would be prohibited. See decision   |


Northern California: Sorting out the future

Postal Clerk Gets Probation In Theft Of Pain Medication
What is it about worksharing?

USPS Organizational Chart (PDF)

Long wait over: Female Auburn postmaster takes charge

Deltona losing curbside mailboxes?

Mail truck crashes into utility pole, injuring driver


October 19, 2009

 USPS To Close 65 Stamp Distribution Offices

The Postal Service notified NAPUS President Dale Goff that they will be consolidating its supply chain configuration in order to reduce the total cost of distribution and fulfillment for the Accountable Paper Network.  The USPS plans to consolidate and close 65 Stamp Distribution Offices (SDO’s) and the five Accountable Paper Depositories (APD’s).  The Postal Service will now consolidate the network into six Stamp Distribution Centers (SDC’s).   |


Postal Workers to Receive Pay Increase November 21, 2009

APWU-represented employees will receive a 1.2 percent increase in annual salaries effective Nov. 21, based on the grades and levels in effect on Sept. 6, 2006. NALC: 1.9%, NPMHU:1.2%,NRLCA:1.5%  APWU: Nov. 21, 2009 Pay Scale  |


Causey: USPS' perky benefits

if you are tired of paying high health-insurance premiums and sick about increases coming next year, here's a tip: Join the service. The U.S. Postal Service, that is. Although the USPS is losing money, handling fewer letters (can you say e-mail and Twitter?) and trying to get thousands of workers to take early retirement, it continues to pay a much larger chunk of its employee health premiums than does the Justice Department, General Services Administration or most other federal agencies. |


Obama Nominates Kessler For Re-Appointment to USPS Board of Governors

Career at post office a family tradition for postal clerk


October 18, 2009

MSPB: USPS Zero Tolerance Policy Violation Is Not Automatic Grounds For Removal - A Postal Employee appealed USPS’ decision to remove him based on a charge of Improper Conduct/Violation of Zero Tolerance Policy after the employee engaged in a physical altercation with a co-worker. The MSPB sustained the removal, but the Federal Circuit Court reversed the penalty determination and remanded the case. The MSPB found that a 30-day suspension was the maximum reasonable penalty, and therefore, ordered USPS to cancel the removal. PR note: Now this does not mean employees can hit t co-workers without fear of getting fired. It only points out  getting fired for violating the zero tolerance policy should not be a blanket penalty. |


EEOC Proposes Broader Definition of Disability

The Amendments Act makes important changes to the definition of the term “disability” by rejecting the holdings in several Supreme Court decisions and portions of EEOC’s ADA regulations. The effect of these changes is to make it easier for an individual seeking protection under the ADA to establish that he or she has a disability within the meaning of the ADA.  |


Stolen Postal Van  Recovered

383 Magazines Closed Jan-Oct.

Fix postal deficit by getting real
5 QUESTIONS for Dean Granholm, V.P. of delivery and post office operations for the U.S. Postal Service


October 17, 2009

National Officer Changes At APWU Headquarters

It has been reported that APWU Secretary-Treasurer Terry Stapleton will be leaving  soon to take a position at AFL-CIO National Office. Northeast Region Coordinator Elizabeth Powell will be appointed to the position. John Dirzius, President of Greater Connecticut Area Local will take over Ms. Powell's position as Coordinator.    |


Postal Service says no jobs will be lost in Elmira

Hickory: Workers, community leaders are trying to save USPS center from closing

USPS truck driver kidnapped, robbed in Taft

York postal carrier retires after 41 years


October 16, 2009

Postal Service OIG Says Workers' Time Sheets Altered
Managers at three southern New Hampshire post offices manipulated employees' time sheets, causing some people to be underpaid, the inspector general of the U.S. Postal Service said. The inspector general's office launched its investigation last spring at the request of Democratic U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes, who was asking on behalf of the National Association of Letter Carriers"

 From PostalReporter Reader: USPS OIG Letter To Congressman Paul Hodes | Congressman: New Hampshire Postal Workers Cheated Out of Wages |


VP Vegliante On End of Year Pay For Performance (PDF)

Congressman: Full-court press is on to save Elmira mail-processing center

In Digital Era, Marketers Still Prefer a Paper Trail

Late mail symptom of postal tweaking

Postal union claims consolidation will cause delays

USPS first agency to release data on greenhouse gas emissions

Ex-mail handler admits theft of video games in envelopes

Hey, Mr. Postman


October 15, 2009

 PMG Says No Pricing Increase For Market Dominant Products in 2010
While increasing prices might have generated revenue for the Postal Service in the short term, the long term effect could drive additional mail out of the system. We want mailers to continue to invest in mail to grow their business, communicate with valued customers, and maintain a strong presence in the marketplace. Changes in pricing for our competitive products - Priority Mail, Express Mail, Parcel Select, and most international products - are under consideration. Simply stated, there will not be a price increase for market dominant products including First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, periodicals and single-piece Parcel Post. There will be no exigent price increase for these products. Why Potter Is Freezing Postal Rates, And What It Means For 2010  |


Mailing Industry Executives Tell Workers to Sacrifice

It was shocking, however, to read that the president of the Association for Postal Commerce suggests that “the time has come for postal employees to start sharing some of the sacrifices.” As APWU members know, postal employees have made tremendous sacrifices as the USPS confronts financial difficulties. More than 40,000 jobs have been wiped out in the last year; thousands of employees have been reassigned to work sites hundreds of miles from their homes; and part-time employees have had their hours slashed. Postcom: APWU has launched an attack on us   |


USPS first agency to release data on greenhouse gas emissions
Postal Service pursues changes at Elmira office
Businesses urged to get involved in USPS restructuring


October 14, 2009

APWU President Issues Challenge To PMG Over Mailers Postage Discounts 

The Postal Service’s precarious financial condition has prompted APWU President William Burrus to issue a challenge to Postmaster General Potter: Discontinue the exorbitant postage discounts that are offered to large mailers — which are currently as high as 10.5 cents per letter — and allow members of the APWU to perform all mail-processing functions at the rate of 10.4 cents for every letter and flat.   |  


Postal Workers Protest, USPS Weighs In
No distractions cited in accident that led to death of local postman

Pitney Bowes Accuses Zumbox of Patent Infringement

Gamefly and USPS Still Locked in Legal Battle

Postal Service center in Moreno Valley takes load off San Bernardino hub

Man learns tough lesson when insulin delayed in mail
Post office refuses to deliver mail after man puts up new box
The Courier, Express, and Postal Business and the Nobel Prize


October 13, 2009

Postmasters League No Longer Support USPS Voice Of Employee Survey

Recently your National Board met and decided that the League would no longer support the VOE survey. While the intent behind the survey may be good, the fact of the matter is that the work situation for Postmasters continues to deteriorate.  |  


Is This Postal Window Clerk Getting Forced Out of USPS?

In a nutshell, Postal Window Clerk Liz Jones submitted a request to change her work schedule for 3 hrs. once a week and 8 hrs. on Saturday (another window clerk offered to exchange her day off with Ms. Jones) for 4 months to attend school. Ms. Jones wanted to prepare herself for employment outside of USPS due to the excessing taking place in Walnut Creek. The excessing would require Ms. Jones to travel up to 200 miles away from her duty office. Management denied her request in the month of August stating that she could not be spared from the window.  Also, one month later (September) a letter was issued notifying her that she will be excessed from Walnut Creek effective 12/5/09. The following is a letter that Ms. Jones sent to several lawmakers about management's refusal to grant her request to attend school. |


Sick Leave Phase In...
Under a phase-in plan okayed by Congress, FERS employees who want to get full credit for unused sick leave will have to wait until January 1, 2014 to retire. They can leave earlier than that, but if they do, they will get only partial credit toward retirement under the phase-in rules.  |


Carrier suspended; post office investigating

Postal Workers Picket at Scottsville Rd. Office

Postal Service Seeks Extension in GameFly Complaint


October 12, 2009

USPS Issues Management Order For Additional Cleaning In Postal Facilities During Flu Season - The Postal Service issued MMO-109-09, titled “Influenza Cleaning Contingency” for facilities to impose ADDITIONAL cleaning methods to reduce the spread of infection during the current 2009 to 2010 Influenza (Flu) season which includes H1N1 influenza. |


Through rain, sleet, snow and even 50 years

Paul McNeil, who turned in a butcher's smock for a large, leather pouch when he was 20, first started on his appointed rounds in the city in 1959, and the Hattiesburg native, who turned 71 today, said he has no intention of stopping anytime soon.   |


USPS Issues Management Order For Additional Cleaning In Postal Facilities During Flu Season - The Postal Service issued MMO-109-09, titled “Influenza Cleaning Contingency” for facilities to impose ADDITIONAL cleaning methods to reduce the spread of infection during the current 2009 to 2010 Influenza (Flu) season which includes H1N1 influenza.   |  


Postal Employee Charged With Theft of 450 Netflix Movies From Mail

Two Alabama postal workers charged with delay or destruction of mail

Valpak opens up mobile local couponing with iPhone application

Digital marketing shift speeds up

Why Email No Longer Rules...

Federal Faces: Ruth Goldway

October 10, 2009

Letter Carrier Roy Rondeno Sr. to be memorialized this weekend

eNAPUS Legislative & Political Bulletin

Mailman saves life of Brook Park man, 71, who was in diabetic shock

Employees protest closing of N.J. distribution center

Daytona Beach postal facility could lose jobs
Big turnout in Hanover as Postal Service mulls West Jersey closure
Postal carrier pleads guilty to stockpiling mail


October 9, 2009

Potter Doesn't Want to Hike Postage Rates in 2010

Postmaster General Jack Potter has been telling mailers’ groups in recent days that he does not plan to raise postal rates next year, a reliable source tells Dead Tree Edition. Worried that price increases would backfire and cause mail volumes to drop further, Potter is telling mailers that any increase in 2010 would be “very small,” the source says.  |


Mail Carrier: Stress Led To Jail Trip
Veteran Carrier Is Accused Of Assaulting Bosses- A mail carrier accused of assaulting her bosses on the job says a heavy workload and a lot of pressure to deliver pushed her to the edge. Vasquez said she didn't realize how angry she was when she pushed her supervisors, but they went flying. Police investigators said both supervisors fell hard and one broke her wrist. "(The supervisor) did have 3-inch heels on. Probably didn't help her balance any," Vasquez said.   |


USPS Continues Review of Stations and Branches

The U.S. Postal Service announced today that 371 retail stations and branches remain under consideration for possible consolidation. Today's announcement updates a review process begun earlier this summer that examined approximately 3,600 stations and branches in urban and suburban areas across the country, focusing on facilities in relatively close proximity to one another, to determine where consolidations might be feasible, while maintaining customer access to postal services.     Click here for the list of stations and branches currently being reviewed   |


Update on Gamefly Complaint With USPS That Netflix and Blockbuster Get Preferential Treatment
Postal Service Pays Some Workers To Do Nothing
Package leaks mercury at Wichita post office
Remote Encoding Center Closes in Charleston


October 8, 2009

PMG Potter: No More 'Business As Usual'
Plans to shutter some post offices and branches, which will be announced on Friday, may save $20 million to $100 million, a fraction of the $5 billion annual budget gap the Postal Service needs to fill. Options to put the Postal Service back in the black include allowing it to cut back on traditional mail delivery, reduce its workforce and sell more than stamps at its retail outlets. The Postal Service could save about $3 billion a year by eliminating Saturday mail delivery, an option that Potter said has to be considered given the declines in U.S. mail volume. Using post offices to sell cellular telephone services, or as an agent for banks and insurance companies, is another option that the Postmaster General wants to pursue. Times Are a-Changin' for Postal Service  | Postmaster General Begins National Dialogue   |


FERS Sick Leave Credit Passes House-Senate Conference Committee (No More FERS FLU)

The final agreement would allow federal agencies to re-employ federal retirees on a limited, part-time basis without offset of annuity; permit Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) workers to initially credit half, and later all, of their unused sick leave toward retirement; and provide for retirement equity for Federal employees in Hawaii, Alaska and the U.S. Territories.  The Conference Agreement is expected to pass the House and Senate.  FERS 'flu' cure a "done deal"  |


Editorial: USPS Saving $356,540 On East Bay Station Closures–Losing $10 Million

- by APWU East Bay Area Local President Stephen Lysaght - The irony of the Postal Service’s anticipated closure of these stations is that they yielded $10,462,613 in revenue in 2008 and are projected to yield $9,672,090 in 2009 --a reduction of only 7.5%. The lease costs for the buildings are $549,237 per year, which represents less than 6% of the revenue expected this year. Additionally, canceling the leases early would cost the Postal Service an additional $192,697 in penalties, decreasing the true cost of operating the stations to only $356,540—less than 4% of the expected revenue for 2009.  |


APWU Letter to USPS Regarding Minimum Qualifications for Cross-craft Reassignments

 It has been brought to the union's attention that APWU bargaining unit employees may have been improperly reassigned to city letter carrier positions for which they did not meet the minimum qualifications (driving test), and may have been subsequently disciplined for failing to meet those qualifications. It is the Union's position that an APWU bargaining unit employee must meet the minimum qualifications before being reassigned to a letter carrier position. |


Missing mail found at Passaic post office

Council: Don't stamp out postal plant in Hickory, NC


October 7, 2009

USPS Distribution Center in Logan Township closing doors in 650-job cut

The United States Postal Service will be closing its Philadelphia Logistics and Distribution Center in Logan Township's Pureland Industrial Complex by March, according to the freeholder. The Logan Township facility, which processes upwards of 250,000 pieces of priority mail each day, was the product of a merger several years ago, according to prior reports. Eleven other facilities were condensed into this one building in order to improve efficiency.  |


For Periodicals, The Postal Service's Math Doesn't Add Up

Jim O’Brien and David Straus have been arguing about Periodicals postage rates for years, but they definitely agree on one point: The Postal Service has goofed when it comes to measuring the costs of handling periodicals. |


Hawaii Post Offices to Cut Hours

Hunt for postal worker's murderer continues

The Postal Service - The Myth of Independence


October 6, 2009

Mailers Fear New USPS Reform May be Needed

Gene Del Polito, president of the Association for Postal Commerce, thinks the time has come for postal employees to start sharing some of the sacrifices." Despite all the terrible things that are happening to companies all over the United States, there hasn’t been a single layoff in the postal service and there hasn’t been a single solid facility closure,” he said. “We’ve suffered, and they haven’t.” He said he hopes that when the USPS and employee unions go into collective bargaining next year they need to come up with a plan “that makes sense if the postal service is to survive.” |


Political Costs of the USPS
Elmira postal workers fight plan to move jobs out of area
Postal Service offers $100,000 reward in mail truck driver's slaying
Postal officials deny late opening is linked to closure study
Kaneohe Post Office Roof Collapses

Hailey bids farewell to longtime postmaster


October 5, 2009

Over 40,000 Less USPS Career Employees Reported In FY 2009

On Rolls and Paid Employee Statistics (ORPES) published last week shows that USPS career employees have decreased by 40,110 since Same Period Last Year (SPLY). Over a 3-year period there are 61,151 less career employees.  The chart provided covers the last 3 years from 2007 through Pay Period 20 2009 (September 25,2009). note: USPS Fiscal Year ended September 30,2009.  |


Do all these post offices really need to be open?

Newsweek: Flying Like an Eagle? Seven ways to fix the USPS


October 4, 2009

What's Happening To The Post Office?

CBS News Andy Rooney - In 1900, there were 77,000 post offices around the country. Today with four times as many people, there are only 37,000 post offices - 40,000 fewer post offices for 230 million more Americans. No wonder it wasn't in the mail. We have a lot of things that need cutting, but post offices are not among them.   |


Carrier Who Lost Legs in Accident Dies
Rondeno, 57, a beloved mailman in the Uptown area, was struck by a careening car and then pinned between two vehicles on Sept. 26 . He lost both legs as a result and was in the hospital working toward recovery. But his heart stopped Friday shortly after 3 p.m., said John Gagliano, chief investigator for the Orleans Parish coroner.  |

Contract Driver Murdered at Postal Facility in Camp Hill, AL

Postal Retirement and Plant Consolidation

Fire Destroys Post Office

Cumberland Protestors Picket Post Office Closure

Some postal employees beat relocation

Public hearings to begin on NJ post office closings


October 2, 2009

Eye Opener: 23,000 Postal Workers Opt for Buyout
Approximately 5,000 full-time Postal Service employees eligible for retirement ended their Postal careers this week, accepting $15,000 buyout offers as part of a cost-cutting move. Another 18,0000 full-time workers have also accepted the offer, but have until Oct. 31 to complete the paperwork or opt out.   |


NALC: Separation For Disqualification Of ‘Letter Carriers' (PDF)

We have seen several cases in which clerks are being reassigned under Article 12 into the
letter carrier craft, failing some aspect of the EL-804 driving tests, and being administratively separated for failing the test. The language is clear. An employee reassigned into the carrier craft must pass the initial road test prior to being reassigned.
Archive: Postal Clerks Excessed Into Other Crafts  |


USPS OIG Audit Report: Management of DPS Percentage Increases for City Delivery (PDF)

Increasing the DPS percentage for city delivery is a top priority for the U.S. Postal Service and an important cost reduction strategy for delivery operations because it reduces the amount of mail employees must manually sort.  |

Illinois: Post office death was from natural causes

USPS refuses mail delivery for 'safety reasons'

Former postal workers admit theft of gift cards

Hickory postal employees rally to stop job losses

Postal Worker Cleared in Pepper Spray Incident

October 1, 2009

Burrus Charts Ambitious Course for Union’s Future

Urging conference participants to meet the daunting challenges facing the APWU — from the USPS financial crisis to upcoming contract negotiations and a shrinking workforce — Burrus asked members to draw strength from the union’s many achievements in recent decades and to recommit their efforts to the tasks that lay ahead.    |


EEOC 2009 Annual Report On USPS

While the United States Postal Service constituted 27.6% of the work force, it accounted for 47.1% of all EEO counselings, 36.6% of all complaints filed, 36.9% of all completed investigations and 40.8% of all complaints closed in FY 2008. USPS agreed to pay a total of $5,777,740 plus other benefits for 669 complaint closures through settlement agreements, final agency decisions, and final agency orders fully implementing AJ decisions. For the 443 complaint closures with monetary benefits, the average award was $13,042.   |


Texas: Postal Worker Delivering Mail Robbed
Post Office wins and woes
Cuts eyed for Whippany postal center

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