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News from Postalblog

OIG Says USPS Overfunded Its FERS Retirement Obligations By $6.8 Billion  |  



Postal Service's History of Seeking Five-Day Delivery to Cure Financial Woes



Top USPS Attorney Says They Are Two Sets Of Rules Governing Use Of Postal Equipment - Replace a broken USPS - Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times by Wayne L. Johnson, Commander, Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps (retired) |


Appeals Court Uphold Removal of Postal Manager For Falsifying Timecard


Board Of Governors Chairman Remarks On USPS Need To Act Like A Business    |


Arbitrator Limits Abusive Postal Supervisor’s Contact With Carriers   |Comments


USPS Attendance Control Crackdown 2010 - Letter sent out from Area VP to District Managers |


If There Is No Work For Postal Clerks, Why Are Supervisors, Carriers Doing It?

By Stephen Lysaght, President, APWU East Bay Area Local   |










September 30, 2010

Breaking News: Postal Regulatory Commission Denies USPS Rate Increase Request  

After careful consideration, the Commission agreed with the Postal Service that the recent severe recession, and the decline in mail volume experienced during the recession, do qualify as an extraordinary or exceptional circumstance under the law. However, the Commission finds that the requested exigent rate adjustments are not due to the recent recession, or its impact on mail volume. Rather, they represent an attempt to address long-term structural problems not caused by the recent recession. The Commission finds, therefore, that the Postal Service has failed to meet its burden under the law and the Commission is unanimous in denying its request for an exigent rate increase..

Statements: Senator Collins | Senator Carper | DMA  | Affordable Mail Alliance   |


Statement of Postmaster General John Potter on PRC Ruling

We are disappointed to learn that the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has denied our price filing. But we are encouraged by their acknowledgment and understanding of the larger financial risk we face through the mandated prefunding of Retiree Health Benefits. |


ALC: GOP hostility kills prefunding legislation, aided and abetted by misguided USPS priorities - "The Postmaster General and his top executives wasted the entire year seeking unpopular measures to eliminate Saturday delivery and stack the deck against employees in collective bargaining rather than focusing on the prefunding reform backed by mailers and the entire postal community." Indeed, the Postal Service waited until mid-September to prepare a request for a deferral. Senate staffers told the NALC that postal management informed Senate leaders that the USPS could make the prefunding payment if relief was not provided. But making the full payment will leave the USPS with a dangerously low cash position. Congress declines to bail out Postal Service | Postal Service close to going broke   |


Alabama Postal Workers Indicted For Mail Theft, Embezzlement

In separate indictments filed in U.S. District Court, the grand jury charged five U.S. Postal employees, two employees of postal contract centers, and one individual not affiliated with the Postal Service with either stealing, delaying or destroying mail.   |


US Postal Center's hotel serves public, postal employees

California Mailman Injured After Dog Mauling
Daytona postal facility gains allies
Missing a piece of mail? It might have ended up with one Palo Alto resident
U.S. Postal Service going "pink" Friday


September 29, 2010

Time Runs Out On Short Term Postal Fix

eNAPUS Legislative and Political Bulletin - As the days before the election recess ebbs, partisan politics seems to be overtaking Congress’ ability to permit the Postal Service to defer the $5.6 billion payment into the Postal Retiree Health Benefits Fund. The plan was to attach the deferment onto a must-pass stop-gap appropriations bill that needs to be signed into law by September 30. The bill, a “Continuing Resolution”, is being pieced together by the House and Senate Leadership and may come up for a vote within the next 24-48 hours. What if the Postal Service runs out of money  - PMG canceled a meeting scheduled today with reporters and is huddling with aides as he determines what to do  |


NAPUS: USPS Places 4 Week Moratorium on Delivery Unit Optimization Implementation - A national moratorium was implemented last Friday for a period of four weeks. New instructions will be provided to the field at the National Executive Conference Operations Meeting, |


DEA: U.S. Postal Workers in Puerto Rico trafficked drugs

The defendants in the first indictment are charged with thirty-four counts, including conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute heroin, cocaine and marijuana, and using firearms during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime. a U.S. Postal mail carrier, was the leader of the conspiracy.  From in or about 2003, several letter carriers  abused their positions as mail carriers for the U.S. Postal Service to facilitate drug shipments between Puerto Rico, Texas, California and Arizona.  They were all assigned as mail carriers at the 65 th Infantry U.S. Post Office in San Juan.  |


OIG: The Postal Service Can Survive at Lower Levels Of Mail Volume

The U.S. Postal Service has never operated in an environment of persistently declining mail volumes, and the last time annual mail volume was below 150 billion pieces was 1986. The critical question is whether today’s Postal Service can remain solvent at much lower volume levels.  |


PRC to Issue Decision Tomorrow on Extraordinary Postage Increase Request

The Commission will announce its decision on a closely watched case, the Postal Service exigent price increase request filed on July 6, 2010, seeking to increase prices by an average of 5.6 percent on its Market-Dominant products, including, but not limited to, First-Class and Standard letters and flats, Periodicals, and Standard packages.  (9/29) |

Video: Watchdog Report On Employment Contracts At USPS

 A video featuring Washington Post reporter Ed O'Keefe on Monday's Capital Insider on TBD TV discussing a watchdog report on employment contracts at the U.S. Postal Service |


Armored Car Service Hauls $260,000 Around In USPS Plastic Tubs

It appears that the popular USPS plastic mail tubs is used for other reasons. Recently two men pleaded guilty to bank larceny charges and sentenced to over two years in prison. The two men robbed an armored car carrying $260,000 in cash and stamps. |


USPS Focuses On Strong Start In FY 2011

September 28, 2010

Former Oklahoma Postmaster Pleads Guilty to Embezzling $642,808 From Bulk Mail Customers - Oklahoma - Elgin's former postmaster has pleaded guilty to theft of public funds and filing a false tax return. U.S. Attorney Sanford Coats says that between October 2005 and September 2009, Draheim took money from postal customers for bulk mailings but did not fully credit their account. Coats says he then embezzled the difference. He has agreed to pay $642,808 in restitution to the U.S. Postal Service and additional restitution for taxes owed between 2005 and 2008.  |

Fake USPS Emails Distribute Trojan Downloader

Under-fire USPS looking to make cost savings

USPS OIG Audit Report - Impact of Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act Price Caps (PDF)

USPS OIG Audit Report - City Delivery Efficiency Review - Atlanta District (PDF)

Postal service employee saves two kids after carjacking

Woodbury CT postal workers under investigation for theft

Yatron Postal facility could lose some jobs

Mail Carrier Says Attacking Dogs Keeping Her From Doing Her Job

Postal Service to Conduct Study at Victoria Processing Center


September 27, 2010

Senator Collins: OIG Audit Shows Stunning Evidence Of Excessive Postal Execs Perks - The U.S. Postal Service pays 100 percent of health insurance premiums for 835 of its top employees, an expensive perk that occurs at no other federal agency, Senator Susan Collins said,  The findings of the [OIG] audits illustrated stunning evidence of contract mismanagement, ethical lapses, financial waste, and excessive executive perks that cost the Postal Service more than $800 million a year in unnecessary costs. Archive: Postal Execs Compensation & Perks Reported Last Year |  Audit: Ex-Postal Service execs return as private contractors, make more money  | Ex-postal executives return for high-pay contracts  |


FYI: Non-Dependent Children Can Join FEHBP Next Year

Non-dependent children can join FEHBP as of January 1st, 2011.  The child doesn’t have to be your own.  It can be your gay partner’s or someone else’s.  If it is your own child, the child can be married and have their own employer-sponsored insurance.


IRS to stop mailing income tax forms

Congressman’s Call for Concessions Should Drive Postal Workers to the Polls

Netflix looks at US streaming-only plan soon

The Post Office Hustle


September 26, 2010

Don’t Blame ‘Overpaid Postal Workers' for Rising Periodicals Costs
Congressman, city want more information on Oshkosh plant closing
Post office accused of making special deal for political fliers

He's no mainstream mailman If you can't mail it, what's the point?


September 25, 2010

USPS Awards Contract To Develop Business Skills Pilot Programs For Supervisors

USPS recently awarded Bruce Mast & Associates, Inc. (BMA) the contract to develop and deliver Pilot Programs for “Building Practical Business Skills for Lean/Six Sigma Black Belts” to its supervisory employees.  |


Burrus Letter to Washington Times: Don't politicize the Postal Service

No deal yet on USPS retiree health payment

South Fort Smith Post Office To Close


September 24, 2010

USPS Reports $1.6 Billion Net Loss For August 2010 – YTD $7.7 Billion

The US Postal Service today filed its August 2010 (unaudited) preliminary financial report with the Postal Regulatory Commission. USPS reported a net income/loss of $1.6 billion. The total Fiscal Year to Date loss is $7.7 billion.  |


OPM Does Not Have Authority to Reallocate USPS CSRS Overpayments

We believe that the implication that OPM has the discretion to make basic changes in the allocation method between the Postal Service and the Treasury goes beyond the intent of, and the authority provided to OPM in, the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. After careful review by counsel, we have concluded that OPM does not have the authority to make a reallocation in the manner suggested in the Segal report. However, if Congress determines that another methodology is more appropriate, OPM will of course comply with any changes in the current law. . |


OIG: USPS Noncompliant, Insufficiently Supported Contracts Totaled $218,940,344 - Also, because data used to support management decisions is incomplete and/or inaccurate and the existence of unethical appearances could result in negative publicity to the Postal Service, we are also reporting non-monetary impact for data integrity and goodwill/branding.

 OIG Report: Noncompetitive contracts, exec perks at USPS - "The U.S. Postal Service awarded 359 contracts without competition to employees who left the agency between October 2006 and September 2009. It covers 100 percent of senior executives' health premiums. And it could not say how many contracts it had awarded without competition, according to audits issued this month by the USPS inspector general."  |


Postal Workers Sent Home Or Hours Reduced Under USPS NRP Can Apply For Unemployment - From APWU: "Injured employees who undergo the National Reassessment Process (NRP) and are told by the Postal Service either that there is only partial-day work available or that there is no work available, should consider applying for unemployment compensation. This temporary financial assistance can serve as an important monetary bridge during the time that an employee is waiting for his or her OWCP compensation to be processed."  note: Any Postal Employee can apply for unemployment if: "An individual whose work or tours of duty are on an intermittent basis" or placed in a non-pay status for more than 7 days is issued an SF 8.  |


Editorial: The Postal Service simply must downsize

New Hampshire Postal Workers Win $200K in Lottery
post office remains closed 5 months after mold was discovered
Congressman blasts USPS for study on Lufkin processing plant
Police arrest suspect sought in July postal worker shooting
The Effects of the Flats Sequencing System on Delivery Operations - Mid-America District (PDF)


September 23, 2010

OIG: USPS Should Consider Eliminating 32 or More District, Area Offices

One option is to "Eliminate duplicative staff positions and better position area management to work strategically with headquarters by relocating all area offices to headquarters. The Postal Service can save approximately $33.6 million annually or $289 million over 10 years.  Option 2, closing area and districts that have less than the mean mail volume and workhours, the Postal Service can save approximately $104 million annually or $894 million over 10 years."  |


Sen. Carper Introduces Comprehensive Postal Service Act

Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) introduced the Postal Operations Sustainment and Transformation (POST) Act of 2010. The POST Act addresses the current budget issues plaguing the U.S. Postal Service by proposing a series of provisions including: easing postal employee pension and retiree health costs; addressing postal employee wages and benefits; allowing partnerships with state and local governments; and giving the Postal Service leeway to close post offices, market certain non-postal items, and eliminate Saturday delivery. NALC: Carper Postal Legislation Includes Provisions We Cannot Support | Senator Carper's Bill: D.O.A  | Editorial: Carper plan would help stabilize US Postal Service  | Postmaster General Hails Carper Legislation  |


Postage Stamps, Like Shipping Supplies, Better for Mother Earth

Study to look at moving postal jobs from Alexandria LA to Shreveport
Three post office branches in Kansa City Area to cease operation Nov. 19
Study: Close main Daytona post office
Ohio Postal Employee Charged With Theft Of Mail

ONE MILLION MILES: 3 city mail carriers receive Million Mile Award


September 22, 2010

Postal Service reform bill to be unveiled

If a key Senate Democrat has his way, the U.S. Postal Service could soon end Saturday mail deliveries, close thousands of post offices and open new ones in grocery stores. The agency would also recover overpayments to a federal employee retirement fund and use the money to provide health benefits for retired postal workers. Sen. Thomas R. Carper (D-Del.), a longtime supporter of postal leadership, on Thursday will unveil a bill designed to give the Postal Service more flexibility on major operational and financial decisions without congressional approval. It echoes proposals pushed by Postmaster General John E. Potter, who is seeking greater independence from lawmakers despite the Postal Service's quasi-government role. |


Sen. Susan Collins: Rate hikes won't help Postal Service

When it comes to the Postal Service’s proposals for rate increases or service cutbacks, you might have the same response that I do: Haven’t we seen this movie before? It is a lot like watching “Groundhog Day,” in which the same day repeats over and over again. Each time, when seeking rate increases, service reductions or relief from financial obligations, the Postal Service has assured Congress that financial stability and a return to profitability will result. Which Way will PRC Rule in Exigent Postal Rate Case?  |



NALC Withdraws Endorsement of Congressman Darrell Issa

The fact that he could become the next chairman of our oversight committee, if his party takes control of the House of Representatives, made this endorsement of national importance. Unfortunately, I am writing to you today to alert that the NALC is withdrawing the endorsement of Congressman Issa.  |



Struggling Postal Service Seeks Wage Concessions

Child injured in postal service truck accident

Postal worker, customer part of kidney donation chain

Postal service offers seminar on becoming a contract deliverer

USPS Out of Regular Mail, Only Fancy Mail Left

Missing Vacation Mail Mystery Solved -- Sort Of
Public Input Sought in Postal Consolidation Plan for Beckley WV


September 21, 2010

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa: Time for another government bailout

Postal employees have incentives for holding tight to negotiating positions. They correctly recognize that USPS is too important to shutter. Moreover, they know that a deeply indebted Postal Service leaves the federal government with no real alternative to a taxpayer bailout as the situation approaches insolvency. Indeed, a sheep's-clothes argument already is being put forward by the postal lobby and some Democratic lawmakers for a $75 billion taxpayer bailout of USPS. NALC responds to recent media attacks on postal workers   |


DPMG Donahoe: USPS FSS Deployment On Track To Deliver Improved Efficiency - According to Donahoe, more than 140 delivery units with 259 zones are now on-line with FSS, and more than 4,100 routes are receiving sequenced flats. By mid-December, USPS expects to have a total of 28 systems operational in nine sites and all 100 systems will be operational by the summer of 2011.   |


Postmaster Downgrade Due to Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO)

NAPUS: Effective immediately, Postmasters in offices that are downgraded two or more grade levels as a result of Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO may voluntarily be placed non-competitively into other vacant positions.  |


USPS To Phase-Out Postal Career Custodians?

In unconfirmed reports PostalReporter has learn that supervisors are telling Union Stewards: "USPS will not re-post assignments of custodians upon their retirement." It appears USPS plans to outsource duties of custodians to private companies.  |


Ex-postmaster pleads guilty to stealing

Feds: Letter Carrier Kept 13K Pieces of Mail

Windsor, Mass., Loses Only Post Office

Honey, They Shrunk Our FSA!

Alabama: Train hits postal truck killing 64-year-old driver

California postal worker accused of sexual battery while delivering mail

Postal workers, customers worry about plans to close Huntington WV plant

Wichita Falls P&D Annex being studied for consolidation League


September 20, 2010

USPS OIG: -Day Delivery? What About 3-Day?

Although eliminating Saturday delivery has been heavily debated, reducing delivery to 5 days a week may not be enough. There has been some discussion of whether the viable model for the U.S. Postal Service of the future will incorporate 3-day delivery.   |


Why OIG And Postal Inspectors Can’t Prosecute Postal Execs??

Why? Because the OIG and USPSIS report to the Executives. There is no external unprejudiced Law Enforcement group that deals with such issues within the US Postal Service.  |


Senate Confirms Dennis J. Toner To USPS Board of Governors

Why Tablet Based Newspapers and Magazines Will Succeed

The Fight to Keep 6-Day Mail Delivery

APWU: It’s Your Union – VOTE!

Marylanders Frustrated by Post Office Hours

Huntington: Postal operations comment meeting set for Monday night


September 19, 2010

Postal Supervisor Must Work in a “Congenial Environment”

The supervisor had a psychological condition related to derogatory comments that Rochester (NY) P&DC employees had made about his fiancée. His only work restriction was that he must work in a congenial environment away from the Rochester P&DC.  (9/19) |


NAPUS Attorney: USPS Is Being Controlled By Bean Counters

“I’ve never seen an organization that was going to be successful base its employment on temporary, nonpermanent employees,” he said. “That is of great concern to me; hopefully some things will change.” |  


GOP strategist says Postal Service consists of 'unskilled Nigerians'

Things got a little heated on FBN’s Money Rocks last night while talking about the post office. After GOP strategist Jack Burkman suggested the government organization consisted of unskilled Nigerians. |  


OMB nominee says he would address USPS pension overpayment

If he gets the job of Office of Management and Budget director, Jacob Lew will push the Office of Personnel Management to respond to findings that the U.S. Postal Service overpaid its pension obligations by tens of billions of dollars, according to a written answer he provided on a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee questionnaire.   |  


Post Office Truck Driver Tied Up, Robbed; Three Suspects Sought

A 60-year-old contract truck driver told sheriff’s deputies that he had pulled up to the loading dock of the post office ...As the truck driver walked back to his truck from the building, two men tackled him, held him down and bound his hands with plastic “zip ties. According to a sheriff’s report, the bags contained sales receipts from six post offices in Kitsap County. The amount of money was not immediately known.  |  


September 18, 2010

Foreclosure means change of address for Post Office
Windsor Post Office closes for good today

Editorial: Saturday mail is crucial to vote-by-mail success

Mail Missing After Placing Vacation Hold
Collision with mail carrier's vehicle leaves man in critical condition

September 17, 2010

FEHBP Premiums, Co-Pays Going Up

And premiums won't be the only thing insurance shoppers will need to consider during the benefits open enrollment period. Insurance hunters will also need to check new co-payment changes which could force policy-holders to shell out more of their own money for medical services.  |  


FedEx Earnings - Implications for the USPS
USPS sued for more than $1 million after truck hits vehicle
Postal worker accused of stealing gift cards, medicine from mail
Postal worker celebrates 100th birthday

“Your Other Address”: USPS launches PO box marketing test
Postal Service challenges OSHA citations at Portsmouth NH facility


September 16, 2010

Alaska Sen. Murkowski Remarks On USPS Proposal For Five-Day Delivery

In addition to the effect on the Postal Service’s customers, I am concerned about the loss of jobs for our Alaskan postal workers. While the Postal Service anticipates reducing their workforce by 40,000 people nationwide, they are not able to tell me how many Alaskans will be out of a job if this proposal is adopted. And, while the Postal Service hopes to be able to achieve their goal by not filling the positions of soon-to-retire postal workers, this is not guaranteed. In this economy, any loss of a job—indeed the loss of any position that could be filled by a willing worker, is problematic.  |  


USPS: No re-opening Of California Post Office that burned
Hours, pay may change for local letter carriers, postal workers

Oshkosh Postal Workers Get Unanimous Support of City Leaders
Mysterious Packages Show Up At Allston Office
Local postal jobs at stake, union says
Post office mural gets a shine


September 15, 2010

Postmaster General Addresses Need for Fundamental Change

In his annual state of the business address to the mailing industry, Postmaster General John E. Potter today stressed that long-term sustainability for the Postal Service will be achieved through fundamental change. The Postal Service must have the ability to manage its business, and to adapt quickly to the needs of our customers and the marketplace," said Potter. "And our business model must change to reflect the reality of a volatile economy and a communications marketplace that has been undergoing a transformation as profound as anything that has ever come before." |  


How Does the Postal Service Discourage Early Retirement? Let Me Count the Ways - Poor communication and actual miscommunication from the Postal Service were major reasons that employee response was so low to some special early-retirement offers last year. The National Association of Letter Carriers filed a grievance (which is still active) last year because USPS failed to provide mandatory retirement counseling prior to the deadline for accepting one of the offers.  |  


USPS Introduces 'Critical Mail' Product (PDF) 

It is less than the cost of Priority Mail but has all the attributes. Full Delivery Confirmation Tracking and 2-3 delivery. It is in test phase with full ramp up in January of 2011.  |  


Company Announces USPS GPS Tracking Compliance Solution For Highway Contract Routes - On-demand solution to enable carriers to comply with the United States Postal Service (USPS) requirement to track and report to the USPS the status of active highway contract routes.  |  


Postal worker hit by police cruiser in Pr. George's dies

Car strikes mail truck, letters litter street
Edina Postal Worker Says She Had Habit of Stealing Mail

Chicks Die After Post Office Delivery

Annapolis residents fear planned closure of post office

Magazine Readership Off Sharply Among Affluent


September 14, 2010

Editorial: No Saturday mail delivery is a bad idea

Dependent Children Join FEHBP
Cops: Man flashed Greensboro (IN) post office workers
Hoyer: Feds shouldn't look for lower health premiums anytime soon
The stolen packages kept coming and coming 

Woman pleads guilty to mail thefts: Part of a gang that stalked mail trucks


September 13, 2010

Postal Pundit Says Postal Unions Will Certainly Blast USPS Efforts To Reduce Labor Costs - The favored position of postal unions in respect to health premiums and life insurance is more extreme than the editorial indicates. USPS employees pay 20% of their health care premiums; other feds pay 28 percent. Life insurance is free for USPS employees; other feds pay 33% of the premium. What theory of poublic policy can support this? The Postal Service may not be doing itself or its customers justice by its negotiating stance. Its chief labor executive, Anthony Vegliante, recently remarked that the last thing the USPS wants is arbitration becuase “then a third party is making decisions for you and your business.” Don’t think for a minute that the unions won’t exploit that. Their members reportedly average more than $80,000 a year in wages and benefits. It will take skill and determination to bring this down, even moderately. |  


Postal Worker Waited Too Late To Submit Doctor’s Note — Loses Job!

The Postal Service sent Taylor a directive informing him of the results of the medical assessment and ordered him to report to work or be considered absent without leave (“AWOL”) and face removal. Taylor never reported or responded to this directive. On April 8, 2008, the Postal Service issued a notice of proposed removal based on the charge of “Unsatisfactory Attendance – AWOL.” After the ten-day deadline to answer the notice, Taylor submitted a letter from his physician that stated that Taylor was still unable to work -- but it was too late. The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld MSPB's decision.  |  


Postal Service Begins Rural Letter Carrier Contract Negotiations

The Postal Service needs flexibility to adjust to the nation’s changing mailing trends,” Vegliante continued. “Our dedicated employees are committed to their mission to deliver for America. We have a good working relationship with our unions and know they want to keep us strong in this changing environment. Our goal is to negotiate a contract that’s fair to our customers and employees and meets our financial and operational needs.” archive: Management’s Grievance Strategy: Defer and Delay   |  


Closing Post Offices And Ending Saturday Mail Delivery Not On Congressional To Do List- Washington Post: Lawmakers are set to tackle several big issues in the coming weeks before packing up and going home for reelection campaigns. The future of the Postal Service: Two things to watch -- and neither involves ending Saturday mail delivery or closing post offices -- two no-go options in an election year. |  


Postal worker gets 5 years probation for dumping 371 pieces of mail

Questioned by postal inspectors, Dronet admitted what she had done and told authorities that she was having trouble completing her mail route on time.  |  


USPS Continues Carrier Pickup Expansion

With the addition of 471 new ZIP codes — a 2-year project that ended this month — the free Carrier Pickup service offered by USPS is now available at 99.97 percent of all mail delivery addresses in the nation.  |  


25 years, Lisle employee has put the 'service' in postal service

Not only does Bob Hurst know the United States Postal Service like the back of his hand, he knows its customers. Such knowledge comes with his dedicated 25 years of work with the postal service, almost all at the Lisle Post Office.  |  


USPS Board Of Governors Agenda For Next Week’s Closed Session

Got weird mail? Tell the Postal Service

Contract Post office closing, residents upset


September 12, 2010

Postal Worker Loses Everything In California Gas Explosion

Survivors Glad To be Alive - The Salinda family home of 15 years, a three-bedroom, two-bath house with new hardwood floors and marble tile, was in ashes. Ricardo Salinda was discharged from the hospital with bandages on his neck and legs covering second-degree burns. His son had flame-red blisters on his arm.  |  


Case against New York Postal Worker moves to higher court
Many hold onto the a dying art — letter writing
Former Texas Postal Employee Charged With Theft Of Mail Matter

New York Postal Worker Gets Two Months For OWCP Fraud



September 11, 2010

U.S. District Court Upholds Post Office Ban on Petitioning on Interior Postal Sidewalks

Postal service finds new outlets for products

USPS Offering Flight 93 Cancellation

Postal Worker Survives California Gas Explosion

Postal Service consolidation uproots workers

After 43 years, mail carrier Bob Chiasson is hanging up his mail bag

Former postal worker: I'm going to Disneyland, jail


September 10, 2010

Proposed Legislation Floating Around Senate Could Make It Easier To Close Post Offices - National League Of Postmasters - The League believes that such provisions are not in rural America’s best interest, and will do what is necessary to see that these provisions do not become law.   |  


Postal Service Charts Course for Sustainable Future

With a large national presence and more than 33,000 facilities, the Postal Service takes steps daily to minimize its environmental impact. By achieving the goals outlined in its Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan, the Postal Service maximizes resources, reduces costs, and benefits its employees, customers and the communities it serves.  |  


Ballots to be Mailed in Election of APWU Officers

Election of APWU National Officers are being mailed Monday, Sept. 13, to Wednesday, Sept. 15. Every member in good standing as of June 15, 2010, will receive a ballot. Ballots must be received by the APWU National Election Committee in the designated post office box by 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 5.  |  


Missouri Postmaster Indicted In Sex Slave Case

The indictment alleges that a young, mentally deficient woman was sexually abused and tortured for several years in a Lebanon, Mo., home, and forced to work as an exotic dancer at local strip clubs. | Postmaster suspended without pay | Dennis Henry   |  


Postal Workers Owe More Than $283 million In Back Taxes
Government Executive ...According to IRS data nearly 28,000 Postal Service workers owe more than $283 million,  |  


Former Oregon postal worker gets 18 months for stealing more than $200,000 in money orders - Postal Worker: I'm going to Disneyland, jail.  A U.S. Postal worker was sentenced to prison time and ordered to pay back more than $200,000 to the agency in return for stealing money orders to pay for family cars, trips and expenses.  |  


Pushing the Envelope – with Envelopes – in a Digital World

Government: Sell Or Privatize Royal Mail

Color-Coding of Standard Mail at Austin P&DC (PDF)

Former Portland postal worker charged with theft
Texas Postal Employee Indicted
West Jersey P&DC will stop handling mail later this month -
over 200 postal employees affected
Postal carrier killed in his garage


September 9, 2010

Postal Employee Who Retired Under Early Retirement Is Challenging OPM Over FERS Annuity Supplement - "The issue is an employee who retires under their MRA under FERS is eligible for the FERS Annuity Supplement when retiring on VERA."  OPM's  position is that you have to be MRA to collect the FERS Annuity Supplement. The difference without the Supplement is $1000.00 per month in retirement income. |  


Louisiana Postal Worker shot while delivering mail

Sgt. Don Kelly with the Baton Rouge Police Department says the postal worker told police he heard a noise behind him, like a click.  Police say when the man turned around he was facing a 12-gauge shotgun held by a young man.  Kelly says the carrier told them the gun was pointed at his chest, and the man told him to "give it up. "Witnesses say when the man cocked the gun, the mailman grabbed the gun and pushed it down.  |  


Privatizing the Post Office

You know, if the postal service were allowed to account for its pensions the same as anyone else, it would be in fine financial shape and there'd be no talk of killing off Saturday service. So why not privatize and let them? Because of the universal service requirement, of course. If you allowed private competition in first class mail, someone would very quickly snap up delivery in dense urban and suburban areas for less than 44 cents an ounce. The postal service, stuck with its universal service requirement, would then have to raise rates astronomically until eventually it would have virtually no business left except for rural areas at two bucks an ounce or something. So much for universal service.  |  


USPS Priority Mail Ads Cost May Have Been Misreported

 Two recent reviews by the Postal Service's office of inspector general have raised concerns about whether postal officials understated advertising costs to promote Priority Mail. The reduced ad expenses could make Priority Mail appear more successful in reports submitted to postal regulators and, in turn, to the public.   |  


Benefits, Retirement on the Chopping Block?
A Decade of Postal Mismanagement Is Costing Publishers and Catalogs

Letter carrier is grateful for what she’s got

Greenwich Avenue post office hitting the market


APWU Denounces USPS Attempts to 'Work the Refs'

American Postal Workers Union President William Burrus has denounced efforts by the Postal Service to influence the outcome of contract negotiations by issuing demands in public forums." It is extremely disappointing that the Postal Service is attempting to circumvent the bargaining process through the issuance of demands in the media,” Burrus said.  |  


USPS May Be Undercharging House Of Representatives For Official Mail

The Southern Maryland BMEU did not count and report individually franked mailpieces presented by the House mailroom operator as required by Postal Service policy. Instead, the Postal Service relied solely on reports from the House Finance Office to prepare monthly invoices. As a result, the Postal Service billed the House $3.2 million for mail from January 3, 2009, through January 2, 2010, without verifying the charges were accurate.   |  


Arbitrator Denies Union's Grievance To Pay Employees Sunday Premium While on Administrative Leave In a recent national decision, Arbitrator Byars denied the APWU’s grievance challenging management’s refusal to pay Sunday premium pay to an employee while on administrative leave.  Arbitrator Byars ruled that an employee who is on administrative leave is not entitled to Sunday premium pay for hours he or she would have otherwise worked on Sunday.  (9/08) |   Click here for decision


Postal Service Plans More Life for Vehicles

Most of the U.S. Postal Service’s 142,000 Long Life Delivery Vehicles have been in service 20-24 years. But replacing the fleet is a significant investment. Until the Postal Service decides what kind of vehicles will best serve its growing base of customers—at the lowest cost—USPS is taking a series of steps to extend the lives of its current vehicles.  |    


Several postal service uniforms stolen, beware of impostors

Top 50 Mailers of 2010

Public Input Sought For Stamp Designs

PRC To Meet September 9, 2010 To Consider Postal Rate Case

Office Depot Offering 50% off USPS Shipping Today

To drum up awareness of its new U.S. Postal Service offerings, Boca Raton retailer Office Depot is offering 50 percent off the shipping price of one USPS package.  |  



USPS, APWU Await Arbitration Decision In Move To Close Philly L & DC

Third-party arbitration between the United States Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union has come to an end and the two parties are awaiting a decision. More than 500 jobs were relocated when the Philadelphia Logistics and Distribution Center at the Pureland Industrial Complex in Logan Township was closed in February. The former employees claimed the Postal Service did not perform an area mail-processing study before they closed the facility.   |  


USPS Proposes To Utilize Mobile Fueling Contractors To Fuel Delivery Vehicles - The Postal Service proposes to utilize mobile fueling contractors to fuel vehicles on-site at select postal facilities located throughout the United States. The program would focus on, but not be limited to city and rural delivery units with 30 or more routes using vehicles owned by the Postal Service. Based on these criteria, it is anticipated that up to 1,100 sites may be eligible to convert to mobile fueling.  |  


USPS Updates Flat Sequencing System Deployment Information

A list of zones and their anticipated live mail dates for each site and corresponding machine(s) activated up through November 29, 2010. Zones for all sites as of September 7, 2010.   |  


Editorial: The Postal Service has a strong case for union concessions

Having slashed costs in almost every way Congress will allow, the Postal Service now seeks concessions from its employees in labor negotiations that began last Wednesday. Given that labor costs, at $56 billion per year, make up 78 percent of the company's budget, we think that management has a strong argument. No one would contend that postal workers lead a cushy existence. But their compensation is, in some respects, more generous than that received by others in comparable situations.  |  


Hey, Postal Service: “What’s the Big Deal?”

Affordable Mail Alliance: Union Challenges Existence of Postal Service Financial Crisis- Underscoring the recklessness of the massive rate increase proposed by the United States Postal Service on July 6, American Postal Workers Union President William Burrus made clear on Friday that his Union does not believe the Service is currently in an unprecedented financial position. He made it clear that the Union will not back away from its contract demands during the current round of negotiations with the Postal Service, despite its supposed financial crisis. This furthers the case against the Postal Service request for a rate hike 10 times the rate of inflation.   |  


91-Year-Old Letter Carrier Says He Would Rather "Work" Than Be Idle

Morris Wilkinson, a tidy man with snow white hair and silver-framed glasses, arrives at a Birmingham, Alabama, post office promptly by 7 a.m. In his six decades working for the U.S. Postal Service, he's accumulated enough sick days to take a vacation for more than a year. At the end of the day, Wilkinson admits, he leaves the job "pretty tired." "I may retire some day," he says. "I guess I'll retire one way or another."    |  


Letter carriers deliver their message - Protest of postal cutbacks highlights parade
Greenwood SC Post Office set to reopen today
New Hours At Clifton Post Office Put residents in bind
Dual-purpose building houses last Delaware post office of its kind
Car crashes into parked tractor trailer at Postal Service Center

Valpak stays relevant in the digital age


September 6, 2010


Labor Day: Workers' fight still right - Editorial by Bruce Clark, APWU President of Dubuque (Iowa)

Greenwood Post Office To Reopen Tuesday

New postage stamp honors Mother Teresa

Understanding discontinued service retirement

Mailman hangs up his bag after 41 years

Not properly vetted? elected Postal Worker claims he never heard of the Hatch Act

Letter carriers collecting books for Cops 'N Kids


September 5, 2010

Heat May Affect Your Mail Order Meds
Dog Owners Upset About Postal Problems
Netflix: What is Driving It Out of the Mail?


September 4, 2010

Drive-In Post Offices

Ohio: Car crashes into Heath post office

Former San Diego postal carrier found guilty of mail theft


September 3, 2010

Cape Coral, FL Postal Workers not amused by "poop" cake baked by Station ManagerWorkers at the Cape Coral Post Office say their manager baked them a dessert that looked like something you'd find in a toilet. The attempt at bathroom humor backfired in a big way. Workers at the Cape Coral Post Office were not amused by the cake crafted by the post office manager. The manager made the cake to look like poop because the office received a score of 48 from a mystery shopper.  |    


Editorial: Unions and the U.S. Postal Service

If you ask me, government workers shouldn’t be allowed to unionize, but they are; however, federal workers aren’t allowed to go on strike. Well, here’s the latest evidence that public-sector unions are a bad idea: According to the Washington Post, the U.S. Postal Service is on track to be at least $7 billion in the red this year...That makes sense, considering that labor costs accounts for 78 percent of the Postal Service’s budget (that’s $56 billion in FY 2009, and it’s far more than what the employees of private competitors UPS and FedEx get in wages and benefits). If your business is down and you want to keep the customers you have left and start making a profit again, you have to cut costs.|  


Affordable Mail Alliance: Don’t Allow the USPS to Continue Costly Business Practices

Three Goofs: How USPS Undercut Its Case for Exigent Rate Increases

USPS OIG: Advertising Cost Reporting (PDF)

USPS OIG: Electronic Postmark Program License Fees (PDF)

Mail to resume at Detroit seniors' complex after bedbug halt

Mail carrier delivers help along the way

Former Texas USPS Contract Carrier Arrested For Mail Theft

Car crashes into Walnut Creek CA Post Office - A vehicle crashed into the Ygnacio Valley Station Branch yesterday


September 2, 2010

Postal Service seeks key concessions as contract talks open with largest union - In addition to concessions on wages, health benefits and working conditions, the Postal Service says it must pare its full-time workforce and expand the use of part-timers to stay afloat. Postal officials said that with declining workloads -- Americans have sent 20 percent fewer letters and packages since 2007 -- they can no longer guarantee eight-hour shifts for clerks, mail handlers, carriers and other workers. Negotiations could last six months to a year, Postal Service officials say. If arbitrators step in, the Postal Service could ask Congress to pass legislation that would require them to consider the agency's financial condition. Video: APWU-USPS 2010 Contract Negotiations Opening Session  |  



Economist To PRC: Ending Saturday Delivery May Give Business To Private-Sector Competitors - Michael Crew: ... by ending Saturday delivery, the Postal Service would be abandoning a valuable part of its enterprise, giving existing or future private-sector competitors the opportunity to fill the gap in service. By allowing others to take part of its business, the Postal Service’s plan to implement five-day delivery could aggravate, rather than ameliorate, the Postal Service’s financial condition and in the long-run could threaten the Postal Service’s viability.  |  


USPS to Deploy Retail Discontinuance Model in FY 2011

USPS OIG Audit Report: Management stated they are developing a decision tree-based retail discontinuance model to mitigate the inconsistency and subjectivity identified in our review. The project is currently in the design phase. Management plans to complete and deploy this model in FY 2011.156 Stations and Branches Remain Under Review For Possible Consolidation Under the Stations and Branches Optimization and Consolidation Initiative as of March 2010. 144 Stations and Branches were reported by USPS in February 2010.  |  


Neighbors, businesses steamed over San Rafael postal route changes

(California) San Rafael residents and businesses say recent postal route changes have severed years-long relationships with their letter carriers and resulted in unreliable mail delivery. Local union representatives worked with management on the adjustments, but her office was unaware there were complaints until late in the process, she said. The union will meet with the postal service on Oct. 18 as part of a standard evaluation of the route changes, she said.  |    


Postmasters: PRC Denial Of Rate Increase Could Compel USPS To Cut Services Provided To American Public - A number of intervenors and commenters have suggested that the Commission should reject the Postal Service’s request, since the federal agency has not exercised such cost-cutting strategies as freeze, furlough and fire. Those who have associated with these views have a total disregard for the impact on the service provided to the American public, the affect on the postal workforce, and the long-term implications for the future of the Postal Service’s universal service obligation.  It would be shameful if those who argue for furloughs would have the unintended consequence of advocating against our veterans   |  


NALC: Mailers And Senator Collins Misreading Congress’ Intent Of USPS Seeking Rate Increases - Although she now opposes USPS’s exigent rate request, Senator Collins, in an April 6, 2007 letter to the Commission that she co-authored with Senator Carper explained that Congress meant the PAEA’s exigency exception to apply to “significant and substantial” declines in mail volume caused by events beyond USPS’s control. he AMA devotes much of its comment to arguing that current circumstances cannot qualify as an exigency because, it claims, USPS’s private-sector competitors weathered the economic storm .. This argument ignores the fact that, unlike USPS, its private-sector competitors have no universal service obligation nor do they bear the unique burden of having to pre-fund retiree health benefits.   |  

Saginaw postal office official says moving work could eliminate 200 regional jobs - About 200 regional jobs are on the line as the U.S. Postal Service conducts a feasibility study that could put processing Saginaw mail in the hands of a Pontiac postal office, officials say.  |  


Driver crashes into postal truck, flees

Saginaw postal workers 'picket' outside South Washington office

Postal Service Faces $8,000 In OSHA Fines At Binghamton, NY Mail Facility

USPS Creates New Structure For Maintenance Operations

Bedbugs put stop on mail delivery

Postman Convicted of Stealing Mail
Netflix Adds Polish With Apple Deal

Workers picket outside of Oshkosh post office


September 1, 2010

APWU, USPS Begin Contract Negotiations Today

The U.S. Postal Service begins contract negotiations today with the largest of its four unions, the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO (APWU). Contract Negotiations Begin Between USPS And APWU | U.S. Postal Service Seeks to Pare Full-Time Workforce in Talks With Union |  


All Rural Carrier Postings, Bids and Awards Available Online

Previously, not all rural carriers had access to the online bidding process. But now, all 120,000 rural carriers will have access to the automated bidding system, 24/7 |  


OSHA Fines USPS for Safety Violations at Cincinnati BMC

Milwaukee Postal Worker Robbed

Saginaw postal workers set for informational picket

Post Office seeks Phoenix retailers